Himalaya baby lotion review

Himalaya baby care sent their lotion for review couple weeks ago. This is not a new product to me; I have been using it since Batool was a baby. Now she’s all grown up to use it on her own

So let’s talk about the product shall we?

I was sent the 100ml bottle (MRP 80) of the baby lotion, it comes in the classic Himalaya baby products packaging, white bottle, green cap.


I am not a fan of the lid cap. It dispenses product evenly, no doubt, but it’s not the best quality. For a lotion which is going to be used every day sometimes multiple times a day, the lid has to be strong. While this is a small bottle, I have experienced that the snap up lid actually breaks off because of poor quality, or becomes loose and doesn’t close easily.


The product smells great (more about that later) and has those herbal ingredients that make all Himalaya products special. The bottle mentions the following compositions to the product; Almond oil for restoring the skins moisture, Olive oil which helps in improving skins lustre, Yashtimadhu and Country Mallow for giving the soothing sensation to the skin. The products does do all of the mentioned. And instructions of application are simple, and I must say the product works best post shower. It seems deep into the skin and you can make the most of the product.


Consistency wise, the product is perfect, I have noticed that baby lotions tend to be runny, which is just not practical when applying to little babies, especially when they’re 6 months or so and turning over. You want a moisturizer that has thick enough to be applied evenly all over the skin, and liquid enough to seep in quickly. Because of its perfect consistency, you can control how much product is dispensed out of the bottle. Also, this fact has made me confident to even give the bottle to my daughter when she got a little older to use on her own, sure there was mess, but not because the product was oozing out of the bottle.

The soothing, refreshing smell, compliments babies and even children, I have used it several times to remove makeup, or as a body moisturizer, the Himalaya products have a unique herbal yet light scent that is exclusive to their brand.

Overall I believe the 100ML packaging is a great start for testing the product yourself if you’re intrigued. The product does the job for the money you pay for it, and a little product goes a long way. The only issue I have with the product is the lid! And hence I give it a 4/5.

What have been your experiences with the baby lotion?

2 thoughts on “Himalaya baby lotion review

  1. Dr. Abha Thakur says:

    Hi there!!!
    I just wanna inform that plz if u can share this msg on all the social sites that i bought himalya baby lotion from Amazon site and it caused rashes on my baby girls face though i was using this baby lotion previously and it suited her very well….. But the one which i bought online from Amazon site caused redness on her face and consistency of the lotion was also very different and also the fragrance….. Conclusion is dat i am 100% sure dat these online cosmetic products are not original…. Plz spread as much as u can…

    • syeda Fatima (Hyderabadimom) says:

      Very sorry to hear about that! I hope your daughter is fine. It is true that online there are chances of getting misguided. have you given feedback to Amazon about the product, have you also checked the expiry on the bottle? As a customer you have the right to voice your experience with the distributor.

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