Fashion Friday: On my Wishlist

Nothing can make you happy like a wishlist. I make many in my head, and almost never purchase the items on my wishlist. But hey! no harm dreaming!

Here’s what’s on my wishlist for now, and I will most probably be purchasing the watch. I am not a watch person, never been one, partly because I never found one that really spoke to me. This watch does, it’s white just like I wanted, it’s chic, it’s leather and timeless, and most importantly the ‘FCUK’ of the brand is not in your face like it is on other varieties from the brand. I am not a fan of owning products that show off the label in bold. I like subtle references instead.

ImageDress: FCUK link

Watch: FCUK link

Top: Forever New link

That’s whats happening in my mommy wishlist, any recommendations?

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