Eid in pics

I am not a poser, I don’t even enjoy buying clothes and all those girlie things. Normal people get excited to shop, I do too, but not for Indian wear. But this year I was up for some excitement, and I had made it a point to buy something in white. You may already know that I like white from my previous post.

And not only did I pick a beautiful dress in white, I also happened to love a white and pink one for Batool. 🙂

This year I called up me cousin, and asked her to come prepared to click a tonne of pictures, because for the firts time I was feeling like enjoying a little, and just obsessing over myself 😉




The Eid day was not elaborate, I had stayed over at my paternal aunts place as my cousin is in town from London. I stayed home the whole day and Batool visited her paternal grandparents for a while. It was a good day, just felt refreshed.

What did you do for Eid?

3 thoughts on “Eid in pics”

  1. Prayed then made biryani. Shared it with family. Hoping to spend next eid with you as evenings are rather dull and boring on eid day.

  2. your outfit is so nice! your daughter is so cute mA! Her name is Batool? That is my sisters name! lol.
    Belated eid mubarak!
    Love your blog! I’m a fellow (1/2 hyderabadi) girl myself! Would love if you would follow me back as well! love meeting and connecting with my fellow desi muslim girls out here 🙂

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