I shall share some advice/wisdom. My brother had spoken to me about compartmentalising my thoughts while I was in Dubai earlier in the year. I thought, must be easy for men to do that. We women especially moms are multitaskers, to the point that if we don’t have more than one task at hand we will add one.

But there is a lot of power to this phenomena. There are so many thoughts rummaging in our minds, most are clashing in intensity, and positivity. I very often find myself frazzled and frustrated trying to manage all the duties, and responsibilities I have on a regular basis. Not to mention any emotional drama that may be playing in the head.

I have a tendency to actively tell my brain to delete stuff. This may seem rather weird, scary even. But it’s my coping mechanism, I tell my brain to start forgetting certain experiences, incidences, words heard and people. It gives me a great sense of control over my life and emotions. So compartmentalising to be able to focus seemed like a sane thing to venture into. And man it works. I am a visual person, I simple have figure out an image for all the many things in my brain, image code them basically and then just focus on what I want to. Like switch the lights off on the ones I don’t want to think or work on.

If you are able to compartmentalise your brain effectively you will improve the quality of life and double up productivity. Right now I have several things on my mind like, assignment submissions, school work, sunday school,blogging, vacation in dubai, and other personal distractions. But I have found that mindfulness, and a little positive approach on understanding what’s in your brain can do wonders. It gives you the faith that you can manage your shit, and manage it efficiently. Potential will be achieved in all departments if you’re focused.

Try it and let me know how it works out for you.

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