Workshop weekend Part 2 of 2

Sunday, day two of workshop was organised by Story Arts India at the Birla Library. Led by international storyteller Deepa Kiran the workshop was on ‘The art of storytelling’.  I have always been interested in storytelling, book readings, and was ecstatic when Mr.Minhaj (Principal of Focus High School) shared the workshop flier on our schools WhatsApp group. I just HAD TO GO. It was a small group of 18 participants, and was packed with activities from the get go.

The whole experience from 9am to 5pm took me back to my school days, when I used to participate in drama, elocution competitions and other such activities. It really felt like I was back in school. The way of thinking completely changes when you’re in a room filled with people who have only one goal; to tell a story. Truly there’s much art involved in telling a story. I was blown away by how gripping listening to a story from someone as talented as Deepa can be. Her story of 45 mins just went by like a breeze. Everyone was so engrossed, it’s phenomenal. Several activities were planned for day, which helped interact with the group. There was a mix of teachers, media artists, parents who attended the workshop. I have to point out how amazing it is when teachers take out time to better their classroom environment by learning a new art form.

story arts

I didn’t realise how much my overall mindset regarding my future plans would change. Our life is filled with possibilities; we can mold everything we learn to benefit us and the people around us. We need not feel restricted, we not be restrained by our age, something as simple as telling a fun story can rejuvenate all our senses and those of the listeners. Being part of any art is amazing, and helps us connect with our souls.

It was a Sunday well spent for sure!

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