Where have I been?

I wish I could say hibernation, but no mom will have that wish fulfilled!

988780_548032251956615_778208176_nTime has been flying by, real fast. I mean it’s already February!!!. I have been busy in the past few months with my exams. I have just written my third and final year exams of B.Sc Psychology, and man am I glad!. The exams were in December, my mother had come in from Dubai so that I could study. So once they got over I had a long list of to-dos to accomplish, frankly I don’t even remember what was on them. One thing I am sure of was “me time” which hasn’t happened!.

I had made mental resolutions for the new year, and well I should be honest, I am not really cut out for this stuff. Going with the flow is the only mantra I can follow and that works pretty good for me. However this year I have given a title of exploration of myself and whatever is around me. People, places, things, books, movies etc. Just going to focus on gaining knowledge and pushing myself to do more. This ‘push’ factor is what’s majorly missing in the life of a mom, truth be told, no matter if you’re single or married or with kids, the inner motivation and ‘push’ has to come from you. It’s the only reliable source of motivation you will have, people come and go, thought provoking proverbs are read and forgotten, but the inner zeal to accomplish more in life should always come from ourselves.

The school I am currently volunteering at as a student counselor has been keeping me very busy as well, I had taken a break from it in Dec to concentrate on my exams and got into full swing after the they got over. Got my daughters admission done there too, I am officially going to be a mommy of a school going child! Am I happy or am I happy?!!
Taking admission in a school is a massive deal, so much to consider I guess it deserves a post on its own.


My daughter who is 3.5 now goes to the sunday school I run. It’s a bit challenging to be in the same premises as your child, they somehow want you to always be with them.It’s a struggle I shall admit, but I am hopeful. This is a major problem with only borns and also preemies. They’re so used to being around their mothers, that it’s a bigger task for them to let go.

I have also been looking into some social work. I am very passionate about education. And truly prefer giving my time and skill to people who need it.

So that’s the update now, I was also facing a lazy writers block, which I am hoping I have now recovered from hehe.

See you soon……


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