What is therapeutic for you?

You don’t have to be a mom to understand those moments or days where you are just furious. Anger is a natural emotion that all of us experience and it’s not a negative emotion unless it’s expressed wrongly. Some days you can sense the frustration build up enough to predict an explosion, sometimes if you’re moody, it may just creep up on you suddenly. In all cases, it’s NORMAL to feel anger, just like all the other plethora of emotions. The following lyrics from an old Avril Lavigne (Runaway) song is very descriptive of these type of days.

‘Got off on the wrong side of life today, yeah

Crashed the car and I’m gonna be really late.

My phone doesn’t work cos it’s out of range,

Looks like it’s just one of those kinda days’

The point now is to try to find those things that calm you down. For me there are some things that I find very therapeutic, like washing the dishes and cleaning. Yes! Cleaning! It has a positive effect because I feel in control, I feel like I am removing some part of dirt/negativity out, and in the end I get the overall  feeling of ‘accomplishment’ because let’s face it I was being productive. Also, no one will disturb you when you’re busy washing the dishes, if anything they will leave you alone so that they won’t be given any part of that responsibility 😉

Cooking too has a therapeutic effect on some, as does art or writing. What I have noticed is that in a state of frustration or anger, we need to release energy. This is the negative energy build up in our mind and body that needs to be exhausted out of you, in order to  truly feel better. It’s not always emotions, anger always sends messages to the body to react in some way, we can definitely feel/visualise some physical symptoms of anger. Working out, going for a walk are great ways to let go of those thoughts and feelings.

Relaxing via deep breaths and meditation can surely calm us down, but eventually having a regular outlet to your emotions and energies is very important. It’s an instant mood lifter.

What do you find therapeutic for yourself?

One thought on “What is therapeutic for you?

  1. yasmin says:

    You could watch your fav action movie,eg.Avengers,where the hulk does not break chairs and tables.He only breaks down bridges,cars and buildings!You can feel all that grrrrrrrr! coming out of you,till finally you cool down!

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