The mommy diet

Just few minutes ago I have been told that I looked ‘pale’, and ‘unhealthy’. One of the people in the discussion thought i was ‘expecting’. Well, here’s the deal, in Hyderabad, if you lose weight no matter how overweight you still are, you are told you are ‘weak’. Most young girls or generally women tend to believe that crap and grow fatter. Hence everyone around me is obese, not even overweight!.

A funny thing, just two days ago the school coach at the school I am volunteering specifically told me I looked very healthy! HAHAHAHAHH!

Mommy Fact: When you have a baby you will gain weight. But that doesn’t mean you take it as an excuse to stay overweight, and even worse make other overweight women feel they’re ‘fine’.

Health is important, for everyone who says have your full meals, with two rotis, a big bowl of rice, ghee, and oily food wake up! no matter what you eat, overweight is OVERweight.!!!

So what do I prescribe into a diet of a mom?

First and foremost, a lot of sleep, relaxation, pampering and love. Moving on to food, eat healthy, eat what you like, eat to live. Take supplements because god knows our veggies and fruits don’t have all the nutrition doctors say!

In the end if you have good energy, are able to complete your daily chores are losing weight steadily,getting back to your pre-baby weight you are FINE. For your own health don’t believe these fat aunties who say you look ‘pale’ and ‘weak, and ‘tired’. Your BMI should be an indicator of your healthy weight and your everyday energy level should be an indicator of anything that’s lacking in your diet.

And that’s that!

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