Keeping her busy/Toy recommendations

My daughter is going to start school this academic year, I am looking forward to her exploring life, and meeting a lot of little people her age. But until that starts, I still have a feImagew months to entertain her. Whilst I was browsing flipkart for some books I came across ‘buttons’ by Miniland Educational, I have been looking for something like this, something to work her hand eye coordination.

I got her all excited before the delivery, and she really did enjoy it. This is one of those toys that enables your child to coordinate their eye movements and hand movements simultaneously, it’s a great exercise for vision too, especially if your child has any visual problems.

Here are some quick specifications:

Company: Miniland educational toys

Price: Rs.299 (on 40% off offer) The offer is still on

No. of pieces: 40

For ages: 3 to 6 years

Purchased from: Flipkart

Quality: Excellent

contents: The box comes with a pamphlet of their other toys

ImageI have come across the beads and string, however I wanted something more interesting and versatile. And I am very happy with it. She likes it too.

What I liked most about this product is the quality of the strings, the string has aglets on it, usually these synthetic strings are difficult to maneuver into the hole because of their flimsy nature, especially for first timers. It’s a well thought after toy, also it came with cards that had patterns to copy. So once your child is used to the basic drawing of strings into the buttons, they can follow the patterns. This maintains the interest in the toy. Also the buttons are of four colours with varied numbers of holes, ranging from one to five holes. As a parent you can control the “difficulty” level too. My daughter for some reason found it insanely hilarious to draw strings through two holes!.


Pattern cards


Product pamphlet

All in all this company has been a great find, maybe many of you have already discovered it, I am definitely looking forward to purchasing more such toys for my daughter.

Image Image

This is also a great gift for someone, educational toys and books are always a great gift.

Tips: Let your child explore them on his/her own, let them make sense of the buttons and the strings. My daughter first organised them by colour as you can see in the picture above. You can learn a lot about your childs personality when you let them be and give them space to do what they want. Once they’ve acquainted themselves with all the contents, you can do a mini demonstration, and then let them try themselves, let them try 100 times if possible, don’t hold their hands, the whole aim is that the child does the coordinating. It requires a lot of patience, but trust me the feeling of achievement on the childs part is very important, you will enjoy his success, this builds self-esteem and confidence.

This company has great toys for kids who’re interested in science, I have browsed through some, it’s a fun way to keep your child interested in science or even build interest in it. You can check out more of their toys at Flipkart.

If you like posts like such leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below. Suggestions for more posts are welcome. What are your toy/book recommendations?

Judy Blume books recommended for adolescent girls

I remember being in 8th grade and reading these books up cover to cover, and then again. They were my girlie getaway, I grew up with two brothers and wasn’t exposed to enough girlie drama. My friends too are far away from girlie, and I am still working on that part of me.


Image courtesy imisstheoldschool

The books by Judy Blume that especially are written for the adolescent girls are a real fun way of exposing them to growing issues of puberty, siblings, friend problems, family problems, enjoying and understanding life etc. They are written beautifully, in a first person format which made reading the book very easy. My favourites were ‘Just as long and we’re together’ and it’s continued part  ‘Here’s to you Rachael Robinson’.

I must admit I haven’t read a tonne of books in my life, I have always liked books that were as close to reality as possible, without being boring. But I have found that reading books has given me a lot of new perspective on life, and I know for a fact that there’s plenty entertainment and lessons that can be gotten from a few pages of a good written book. I have raved about the importance of reading in a previous blog post and will always stand by the experience of reading a book.

I recommend these to all the girls at the school, it feels nice to be an enabler of exposure. Most of these books are available at flipkart, I have added all of them to my wishlist, and ordered one too. Can’t wait for it to arrive, reading these books after so many years is always a great experience. I highly recommend moms of girls to give these books a shot, read them first if you like, they shall amuse you too.

Will do more fun posts on books and recommendations.

Till then happy reading