Someone to talk to

You may be a working mom, a stay at home mom, a mom with toddlers, mom with hormone raging adolescent kids. But no matter who you are you need someone to talk to. Being surrounded most of your day with kid talk and disciplining, there is a desperate need for a sane conversation.

I find myself in this situation a lot. There is an insane need to just pick up the phone and call someone. But no one has the same life as you, no ones always available for a long hearty chat, not even your mom. This is one of the major challenges of being a mom, learning to be your own ear. If you have friends who are single, or with kids or without kids, no matter what, it’s not like how it was in school. No one is free. Maybe that’s why we have so many mommy blogs in the world wide web. Moms need to become their own supporters, their own friends and support system. Not in a pessimistic way, but it’s better to be realistic and move forward in life isn’t it!?

It would be nice if with a child we got a friend too. Like a promotion. Just when we feel we’re about to burst and need an outlet of our emotions, happy and sad, a magical friend will appear and be patient, listen, give advice, be there till we’re all unloaded. hahhah that would be something!

There have been some lonely days that I have gone through my whole phone list in my cell phone to see if there was anyone I could call. It’s either too late in the night, or working hours of the day, or just no one with whom you can make a connection. Being a mom and being lonely is inevitable and at the same time scary.

Seriously, what is the solution to our mommy dialogue crave?

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