Reading away…Update on my recent reads

I have been sticking well with my reading. Buying books one at a time, so that I actually read them and not collect them shamelessly.

humble pie

Thus far I’ve read ‘Humble pie’ by Gordon Ramsay which was an autobiography and I loved it. It was easy to read, entertaining and gave great insight into his life. I had previously rambled about my Ramsay obsession, and I am hooked on to the present (12th) season of Hells Kitchen. I recommend you to watch documentary series Ramsays Boiling Point halfway through the book, gives a better more vivid understanding of his life. If you’re in sync with Ramsay you will enjoy this book thoroughly. It was my first experience reading an autobiography and it was beautiful.  The chapter wise format instead of timeline format was a little tricky and confusing, but the documentary helped that and it made it all more real.

Under the spell of great autobiographies I continued on with Tina Feys ‘Bossypants’. Finished it only a few days ago, this books somehow I just couldn’t find time, need to work on that. It was interesting, loved the last few chapters, and the sarcasm throughout. There are actually instances you will laugh out loud, now that’s a great book to me! The only downside was that I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the shows, and people she was talking about through out the book, the references weren’t relevant to me for two reasons; First, I was teeny tiny when she was working with those entertainment genuineness. Second, I don’t live in America, never have and didn’t understand the ‘totally American’ culture references. I am not as interested in the entertainment industry. Unlike my Ramsay experience I was well aware of the chefs he was talking about. But you get in the flow it doesn’t bother, even though I would’ve enjoyed the book more if I was more aware.

On to the present, I just received my book today via Flipkart my favourite. I wanted to read something more dark, more educating, related to my field and interesting all at the same time. Plus everything on my wishlist was a splurge for me, didn’t want to spend a 1000 bucks, not yet at-least. I want to know for sure I will keep the momentum going on the reading first. I tend to get bored very easily. So here’s what I ordered:

I’ve read a couple of lines and I’m glad it’s s gripping as I thought……Let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in more detailed book reviews..

What have you been reading? Any recommendations..

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