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I am on a quest to go out and explore the mommy and child friendly spots in Hyderabad. These can be for any purpose, eating, fun, learning etc. Since my daughter is at a good age I thought what better time!

CAM00937My first visit was to Party Town at Rd.no12 Banjara Hills. I came to know about it through my very good friend, she sent me their Facebook link and I was instantly curious. I went on Monday the 3rd of Feb.


What it is:

A recreation center for kids, party center, cafe. Their fb page describes them as ‘Hyderabad’s largest indoor soft play center…… Over 5000sq ft of unADULTerated fun for kids 1-15 yrs old.’

party town1

Entry fee:

Daily entry 299/kid and 99/adult for the whole day. They have packages too.

What I liked:

1. The location is nice and quiet, super easy to find

2. The staff is super cool, they are very helpful and courteous. I instantly felt at home

3.  There are a total of 7 rooms. They range from a kids gym, music room, fairy tale, miniature shops and homes, reading area, plenty toys and soft ball pits etc.

party town 44. They have a small petting area in the basement, with rabbits and a parrot.

5. Play gym outside in the sand

6. small cars to drive

7. Very airy, plenty sunshine and lighting

8. Safe for kids, with the balcony’s all covered with net.

9. Good ambiance, wall murals and the lovely cars hanging on the wall (that was just superb)

10 . The entry fee is pretty reasonable

Highlights for me:

party town 2The fact that my daughter didn’t want to leave says enough!. She enjoyed a lot, for me the best thing about Party town was the fact that I could eventually leave her there while I run chores, meet up my gal pals in the area. Not everyone in Hyderabad opts for help from maids and I am one of them. I prefer leaving my daughter with someone who is trained and will take good care of her. I also loved the cafe idea, I can easy chill down in the cafe while my daughter has her play time even a small work meeting would be possible. We don’t have anything close to this in Hyderabad. And God knows we needed it. Moms need a break too!

I loved the arrangements they had for children if there were a party, with colourful plates and seating arrangements. There’s enough entertainment to keep a child occupied for the whole day. My daughter got a lovely umbrella shaped candy too! hehe

CAM00993 CAM00961 CAM00988

What I would want/ had issues with:

1. More safety care on the stairs

2. Some educational activities for kids during the week, so many children that don’t go to school could benefit from a book reading, or some form of focused educational experience. Mom and child activities too would be fun.

3. The rooms weren’t labelled with any name, so it was a little off to know what to expect in each room. More themes to attract kids with varied interests, that are educational in nature at the same time very fun

4. Some form of monthly activity plan to know in advance, so that us busy moms can work out our schedules accordingly

5. I was really hoping to meet some home-schooled kids, but my bad it was pretty empty as it was Monday.

6. Information of the staff and their qualifications, I just don’t want to assume they are trained to handle kids as young as 1 or adolescents, it’s always resting to know how experienced and qualified they are.

7. I really think everything should be organised better, like the toys and equipment in the little houses and shops. My daughter couldn’t understand half the stuff because it was all over the place. I guess that was because it was the day after the weekend, but if it’s going to be open I expect everything to be in place all ready for the children.

8. The staff should cater to each customer especially if they are new and introduce them to the place. It was only after I had explored the whole ground floor that I got any attention, but after that one of the girls was with Batool till we left. Just wished I would’ve gotten the same treatment from the beginning.

CAM00964                             CAM00940

All in all, Party Town is the most practical thing that has happened in Hyderabad. It’s so versatile in the services it provides to the kids and as well as the parents. Definitely will be visiting more regularly, just hoping to see more kids so that my daughter can make friends beyond her everyday life. For me the main idea was that she gets to socialise and make new friends and experience a different side of Hyderabad.

Hyderabadi mom rates: 3/5


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