Nail art try 1

I’ve been drooling over pinterest boards on nail art for way too long. And started watching Youtube videos for basic nail art tutorials. And I got inspired the other day, I tried two:

1. Layered- It’s a simple and easy nail art. simple apply your base coat, and then three lines in descending order of one colour and after it dries another three lines in another colour. This looks rather christamsi, I liked the combination. As you can see I alternated the pink and green just to make it more interesting. The trick with nail art I feel is the right colour combinations, they instantly make a simple design look complex. Also alternating or switching colours makes it look more complex/difficult than it is.

CAM02572  CAM02575

Nail polishes used:CAM02576

Rimmel Lycra Pro in 365 Beige style  (as base)

Revlon colorstay in 250 Rich Raspberry

Health and glow nail polish 28 Miss Saturday Night

Max Factor 05 top coat

2. Dry marble- After watching all the water marble tutorials, I tried ti try it, but my nail polishes weren’t doing the ripple. And I was just too excited and wanted to do something. So I opted to try the dry marble nail art technique using the toothpick. This to me was quite a failure.

CAM02555  CAM02560

Nail polishes used:CAM02558

Rimmel Lycra Pro in 365 Beige style  (as the base)

EN-VY nail polish in 023 Midnight Purple

Konad special nail polish (doesn’t have any name on it)

Max Factor 05 top coat

So where was the daughter whilst I tried out this demanding venture? Well these images will explain…

CAM02567   CAM02565

Any suggestions on easy to do but complex looking nail art designs?

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