Moody Shhh

Your mood is in your control. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Being a parent is difficult, and I know grass always seems greener on the other side. But it’s not normal to reach the ‘I need a break’ point every other month. It’s a sign that things aren’t going the way they should. Being an adult is difficult, mainly because you don’t have people always looking after you and taking responsibility for your actions. At the same time, it’s not meant to make you miserable. Being a parent isn’t meant to make you feel miserable, nor is being married.

My working mechanism is to eliminate shit that is causing shit. Nip it in the bud. Proactive solutions, that provide life long solutions. Life long. You don’t want to do a lazy job and have the same recurring problems. But this gets very difficult, it’s not easy when it’s not things you have eliminate but people. Here’s where it gets all complex and excruciating. Sometimes I wish patience was provided in a bottle so we can just drink the required dose for the day and get through till tomorrow. But it’s not so. That’s my lazy solution (smirks).

When can one decide enough is enough. How can we conclude it’s time to put a full stop? It’s so odd. It’s just wrong. It’s not anything happy or exciting. What do we eliminate? our jobs?, our friends? our Facebook (BTW I am back on it but not that active except for my pages), what do we eliminate? Who do we eliminate? and most importantly where’s the guarantee that all will be better?

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