Maybelline Glitter Mania nail polish review

I have been obsessed with the Zoya Pixie dust nail polishes since months, been searching for them online but they’re too pricy for a nail polish, but boy do they make my mouth water. I was browsing online (as usual) on Nykaa, and found the Maybelline dupes of the pixie dust!, they’re called the Glitter mania, it’s in continuation of their Color Show range, the product quantity is less, and so is the price, I simply love that. I have never known anyone who actually finished a pot of nail polish (unless you only owned one). What did I do? I just bought them on Nykaa, went through the collection, saw swatches online and bought 5 of the 8 polishes just like that. I was so excited, and even more crazy when I received them. I then bought the rest, simply because.

CAM01827 CAM01829

CAM01889 CAM01832

I liked some while the others not so much, I do like the consistency, the colour range is varied, great idea for the first launch. The glitter is great for nail art, weddings, or if you’re like me and CAM01911want your nails to bring up your mood. What girl doesn’t like glitter! The end result is matte, application is super easy, as it dries textured, you just can’t mess up the finish. The only issue I had was the colour of some totally was invisible, and the contrast glitter shined too much. I wouldn’t dare with a second coat, it’s just not necessary, also taking such nail polishes is a PAIN, requires a good deal of remover. I did the trick used to remove dark nail colours, you keep the cotton on the nail for min15 seconds and then wipe, that way most of the nail polish comes off in one go, otherwise the cotton shreds get stuck onto the texture, and it’s all a bloody nightmare. I shall leave you swatches (ENJOY):



All That glitters


Red carpet



Paparazzi purple




Dazzling Diva



Bling on the Blue


Pink Champagne


Matinee Mauve (My favourite)

I do wish they launch more in the range, I had difficulty picking them up too, they’re getting sold out very fast. The glitter is great for nail art, weddings, or if you’re like me and want your nails to bring up your mood. What girl doesn’t like glitter! These (below) Zoya colours are yummy! I love the latter purple shade it’s my favourite colour. Maybelline should add that shade and an emerald green for sure, an electric/navy blue, that would be amazing..

Image link

image link

I recommend everyone to buy these, they’re cheap for only RS.125 they’re fab. They are great at hiding bad nails, they’re very opaque too so you can’t layer them on a regular nail polish. These are stand alone polishes, that will do the job.

Did you try any of these? I have been late on the Glitter mania band wagon, but I am happy that I discovered them 🙂

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