Life lessons: There is always hope

I remember in my 12th grade farewell at school, our head girl had mentioned that hope is important, and that it’s all you can give to anyone. And it was a fairly new thought for me at that age, and i made  mental note to ponder over it. Later in life I realised what she meant, and then problems befall, and sometimes there seems no hope. That’s when you know you have to stop and change plans, let go of people or ideas, and move on.

I’ve been in the lost hope zone for the past few days, exhausted and sad, getting bitter inside. Then I realised after a conversation with someone that there is always hope. Mind you I came to the realisation myself and hence thought it would only be fair to share it with the world.

There’s always hope as long there is life on earth. That’s my conclusion, because as long as there’s life on earth someone (God) is taking care of that little ant, plant, that’s alive, and that someone has not forgotten you as well. So there’s hope, and respect has to be paid back for the lord that takes care of every little detail.

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