Judy Blume books recommended for adolescent girls

I remember being in 8th grade and reading these books up cover to cover, and then again. They were my girlie getaway, I grew up with two brothers and wasn’t exposed to enough girlie drama. My friends too are far away from girlie, and I am still working on that part of me.


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The books by Judy Blume that especially are written for the adolescent girls are a real fun way of exposing them to growing issues of puberty, siblings, friend problems, family problems, enjoying and understanding life etc. They are written beautifully, in a first person format which made reading the book very easy. My favourites were ‘Just as long and we’re together’ and it’s continued part  ‘Here’s to you Rachael Robinson’.

I must admit I haven’t read a tonne of books in my life, I have always liked books that were as close to reality as possible, without being boring. But I have found that reading books has given me a lot of new perspective on life, and I know for a fact that there’s plenty entertainment and lessons that can be gotten from a few pages of a good written book. I have raved about the importance of reading in a previous blog post and will always stand by the experience of reading a book.

I recommend these to all the girls at the school, it feels nice to be an enabler of exposure. Most of these books are available at flipkart, I have added all of them to my wishlist, and ordered one too. Can’t wait for it to arrive, reading these books after so many years is always a great experience. I highly recommend moms of girls to give these books a shot, read them first if you like, they shall amuse you too.

Will do more fun posts on books and recommendations.

Till then happy reading

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