Importance of staying organised

The most successful people are the ones who know how to organise their life. They spend less time finding things, and worry about what is where. But you may not be running a business, or having too many responsibilities to even feel the need to be organised, and that’s perfectly fine. When we get into a routine and have to perform the same tasks over and over, then we don’t need any extra help to keep us on track.

So what’s my point? Well, as a parent we have to look beyond our life and what’s working for us, because we don’t know what kind of life or circumstances our children will have to face when they grow up. A parent has the responsibility o giving the child all the tools needed to be able to survive in the world. As a homeschooler and someone who instinctively enjoys the process of organising, I am working consciously building the basic skills in my children.

Often times I have noticed that unorganised people tend to not value their own time and also of others. Which is not good, because as a society and community, we shouldn’t be a source of inconvenience to another person. You can choose to be as laid back as you want with the tasks you have to accomplish, but causing delays or problems in another persons life is just not nice.

Being organised isn’t that difficult either. There are people who have so much they manage, that it’s important for them to have to-do lists, and reminders, documents, etc organised in a productive manner. While I am not that person yet, I take great pride and enthusiastically work out a weekly meal plan, this helps in keeping my help on target too. My children too know what is where, and are able to find things quickly, but it takes plenty patience and role modeling for them to learn this. You can’t sit a child down and lecture them on it, once they experience the ease of having their things organised, they will gravitate towards it themselves. So much so, that they now enjoy the task of organising, their clothes, toys, books, stationery etc.

The beauty of instilling organisational skills in your children is, that they will modify them as they grow, they will adapt to environment easily, and also learn to de-clutter their minds, and organise their thoughts.

Another pro of being organised is the dislike towards hoarding. Everyone doesn’t have to turn into a minimalist, however having a sense of your belongings as a visual inventory every time you look at a book shelf, or open your closet, or shoe rack helps you understand what you may not need and can donate, or purchase if there’s no other substitute for it. This is a great way to reduce wastage, and be mindful of the people around you too. At some level money management will also come into play here.

How do you organise your life?

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