Friday Funday and new years plans

Last Friday I took a much needed break and met my friend to hang out. Made some discoveries, had a great time and working on plans for the coming new year.

Lets first talk about the hype that is Starbucks, I am not a tea/coffee drinker, but it sounded like a fine idea to just start the day chilling, so we went to Starbucks, and I only ordered the brownie, been dreaming of a nice brownie since I’ve been working out and cutting out all candy and chocolates.


I tried to take a funny pic and I did a great job at it, forgot to take an OOTD pic, my bad, this always happens. Notice the empty plate! hehe, they served the brownie with whipped cream and chocolate chips (this is an additional BTW), I didn’t enjoy it. Ice-cream and warm brownies are a match made in heaven. The chocolate chips were divine, I liked that there were no nuts in the brownie. But I guess I shouldn’t expect much from a coffee place.


Here’s what I was wearing:CAM02534

1. Blazer and leggings-Mango

2. Button down dress– AND (Global Desi)

3. Shoes- Splosh

4. Nails- OPI glitter nail polish, and Max Factor top coat


We headed to GVK after that and discovered Marks and Spencer at the lower floor! How amazing, I don’t like the clothes there, but it was nice to have MandS close by now as apposed to the tiny jubilee hills one or the one at Inorbit Mall.

I am not a new year resolutions typa gal, I do however make lists of achievement or goals for the new year. And this time I am going to big time join the organised note making gang. I even bought myself a 2015 diary!

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