Dead hair and eye circles rescue by Ang Tatva

I do not remember the last time I had super amazing hair. That’s also because I don’t give it as much time as I should. I have been a mom since the beginning of my 20s, and that means my body went through a lot. Not to mention my hair. I am the person who ALWAYS buys the conditioner, but hardly ever uses it. Two bottles of shampoo will see the end of one bottle of conditioner! Not that my hair doesn’t need it, I am always in a hurry to get out (Mommy issues).

Recently I have started to pay attention to my hair situation. The hair has been crying out to me since years, but I have only now have taken the initiative to bother with it. I always like to tread the herbal/organic path when venturing into new products, it’s a safe zone and always been more satisfactory to me. Enter my current hair saviour Ang Tatva. I was delighted when the owner asked me what I wanted to try, I asked fro two hair care products and one for the eyes. We shall deal with the hair first.

1. Ang Tatva hair mask (200gms for INR 945)- I love desi ghee, and man this products is predominantly ghee with herbs. My mouth was watering the whole time I had it on. This was my first time trying out a hair mask, and I don’t think I am interested in trying any other! The instructions on the label say to use two tablespoon of the product and melt it before applying. I have collar bone length hair and if you have longer you will need more. I was greedy because I enjoyed the smell to much that I applied a little extra but without melting. Put on the shower cap and chill for 40 mins.I was skeptical about how it would stay because it is ghee and the temp of the head may not allow the ghee to solidify, but no dripping happened. It took me 3-4 washes with the shampoo to get rid of the product. This is the only downfall, I actually felt as though I was washing away all the goodness of the products through my shampoo. I was also concerned about differentiating between the affect of the hair mask and the excess of shampoo. I use Tresemme just FYI. Anyway, after towel and air drying my hair, I noticed a HUGE difference in my hair. Not just in texture but also there was shine. . Just a little linger of ghee maybe, but I’m okay with that, no pungent residual smell. My next thought was to see how long this goodness lasted in my hair. And it took a week easily for the effect to start fading. Even with multiple hair washes during the week, my hair was able to maintain the shine and softness, didn’t use conditioner at all!  I highly recommend it to anyone who has serious trouble with their hair, also you should be okay with having desi ghee in your hair for almost an hour!


2. Ang Tatva Hair oil (100ml for INR 545)-  From the get go I shall inform you that this oil is not for those who can’t stand strong smells in their products. It almost smells like an oil from achaar, didn’t enjoy it. Having said that It does a good job. You have to wash your hair at least twice to get rid of the oil completely, since I use Tresemme, the scent of the shampoo is good enough to take over the smell of the oil after two washes. Hair was left soft, didn’t notice any shine as I did with the hair mask, but I guess this is a better and quicker alternative. I don’t know if I would make this my regular use oil, but definitely something for treatment purpose. The softness lasted for few days. I wish there was more information on the label to refer to, in terms of what the oil is meant to do for my hair. You have to wear a shower cap to avoid smelling the strong pungent smell of the oil and also to keep away from the dipping oil mess that may occur. Also do not skip the heating oil part, otherwise it will be of very thick consistency.

3. Ang Tatva eye serum (10ml for INR 595)- Dark circles! Where do I start talking about them! I am genetically prone to them, and add to that mommyhood and you’re a panda! I loved the packaging of this products. So convenient to use, and practical to carry around as well. You have to diligent with using beauty products, and good packaging helps in doing that. I noticed difference in the texture of my under-eye skin in the first application itself. You have to leave it over night after application. I use it directly and then pat the area with my ring fingers, to help absorb the product. It does have the herbal smell, but nothing annoying. The dark circles have faded, but I have to say I used to apply it at midnight and would wash my face for ablution at 5am, I wouldn’t reapply after that. So I guess results would vary if you were to keep it on for good 8 hours. I liked it because it did do good for my under-eye skin and I am looking forward to trying out their beauty products for this reason. I do recommend trying this out and seeing for yourself.

So far my experience with Ang Tatva has been a 4/5 I do wish the brand would provide more information on the label in terms of application, product purpose, results expected, frequency of usage etc. I like gifting such products to my girls friends and the product itself should suffice in explaining about it’s purpose. My favourite has to be the hair mask, and recommend it highly! Sometimes I myself forget after buying a product, and the label is my reference to understand it. Also I would love to know about the ingredients, just to be a more aware consumer. It also helps in understanding what your hair/skin responds well to.

The line consists of a large variety for everyone, soaps, scrubs, oils, face packs, bath salts etc. It’s a wholesome brand that uses natural ingredients for each and every product. They are a social media savvy brand too, follow them on their Instagram, twitter and facebook handles to know more about their range. To order you can simply call/whatsapp 88888 49000 or send a message on the FB handle.They will soon be launching their website! Can’t wait!!!

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