Life update!

So it’s been long and I have to give you guys a life update. I haven’t been active on my blog but definitely enjoying the social media. Where have I been you ask? Well I went to Dubai for a much needed break, and enjoyed my time with the siblings. They hadn’t met baby Abbas so that was great. He was totally pampered and enjoyed his stay. It’s too bad that he won’t remember any of it, but I took LOADS of pics for memories!



Since I have been back, I have been running around the court to sort out my daughters custody case. And by the grace of Allah and the many prayers of every justice loving person in the world I won in Sept! It’s only a matter of time that she’s reunited with her mother .

My holiday gave me a lot of perspective on things, got to spend some alone time and made note of how I want my life to be. We don’t realise how much we throw some things very dear to us at the back, just because we have become moms. Motherhood doesn’t have to takeover you or your life. If we loose our identities as individuals we will never be a fulfilled parent and role model four our children. Our kids need to learn how to be centered from us.

I have never looked forward to an end of an year before in my life. Right now all I can think of; is how to make 2018 and the following years the best years of my life. I guess with age and experience we learn to take certain things as they come, be patient in some scenarios and fight like a lion in others. I guess that’s what wisdom is all about. I am trying my best to keep motivated, and surround myself by people and media that helps me achieve my goals.

Batools Birthday Part 2 of 2

Continuing the Birthday fun from Part 1, I shall briefly review the presents she received on her birthday.

1.EduScience Globe. This was from me, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to get for Batool. We’re been traveling quite a bit in the recent past, and I thought it’s the best time to introduce the world to her so she can understand countries and things like that. This is actually for 6yrs+ but I bought it anyway for the reason I just mentioned.

So, this is a huge globe, and is meant to introduce geographical content at the pace of the child. It has nothing labeled, there are erasable markers, and a list of contents and information for parents to refer. You can basically introduce whatever part of the world you want to the child, and move further as and when needed. This is the best feature about the globe, the child won’t feel overwhelmed by the many countries, continents, oceans etc. already marked on the globe. It has a loop on top, so that it can be suspended from the wall. Batool was excited about getting the “earth” for her birthday and she loved it.



2. Educa: The Human body puzzle. Batool knows the basic human body parts, we are familiar with the ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ rhymes. But this puzzle has three layers of human body parts; the upper body,  the muscles and the bones. It’s for4-7yr olds, In terms of relevance and understanding, Batool can only comprehend the bones and the upper body. We sat together and made the puzzle the first time. And they have separate puzzles for boy and girl in the top layer as you can see. The puzzle pieces aren’t to many or too small, they’re a good size and all fit into the same body outline stencil.



3. Educa First words– This particular one is great because I am venturing into spelling land with her. And anything that motivates or helps her is fantastic for me. There are three, four and five letter words in the puzzle box, and it’s kind of like picture scrabble. In fact this game can be made with scrabble tiles and printed images. This helps in building vocabulary and boosting confidence. I played this with Batool only after I came back to Hyderabad, and I started off with three letter words, and some simple 4 letter words. The good thing was that she was familiar with all of these words, and was looking forward to learning the spellings. To promote independent play there’s a magic loupe in the contents, which helps children correct their own spelling mistakes.





4. The Hueys in ‘None the number and ‘The new sweater’  by Oliver Jeffers





I am a big Oliver Jeffers fan, and this trip got only the above two books. They both have humor in them and teach good concepts. ‘None the number’ introduces the value of and number zero. It’s beautifully written and it helped me make Batool understand too. Because sometimes, zero can be a difficult thing to explain!, the introduction of “none” to the vocabulary is an added bonus.

‘The new sweater’ is a book about finding your own uniqueness, and not being afraid to embrace your own personality. It’s written in a simple story form, and is a great concept to introduce at the childhood level, tolerance, acceptance etc are some concepts that the child can grab from this book. I think it’s a beautiful book that even adults can learn from. And all Oliver Jeffers books make great gifts.

That’s all for now. I need to become more prompt with my posts, if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below….

Happy reading mommies!


If there’s one thing that scares the human soul it’s uncertainty. Regardless of how much knowledge we have of the inevitable, no matter how many plans we make and how much we try to work on them, there’s always that doubt. There’s always going to be that uncertainty of how things will go, where our lives are headed etc.

Today was a good day, went out with the siblings, chilled, played bowling, Batool enjoyed it too. There are a couple of things running in my mind at the time, I am loving this break from life I am getting in Dubai. And as much as I am ready to face the challenges of a single mother, there’s always that doubt, that need to want to know the future, to know that all is going to be fine. At these times I remind myself to strengthen my faith in God.

Well, I was scrolling on my Facebook page, for some inspiration and came across this image


I couldn’t help but share it, looked for the whole chapter and read the translation. And wow! am I relieved! There’s nothing like an open conversation with your Creator. And this just lifted up my spirits. It is always good to know that your God has not and never will forsake you. As human beings we are constantly reminded of our dependency on others, and it can take a toll on the strongest of us.  And as a mother I feel the need to always be strong for Batool, and constantly give out positive energy, be the best role model of faith, determination, hard-work and clarity.

Life isn’t easy, but it’s good to know that there’s someone always watching you, and that verily the future will have better in store so long as the intentions are clean.

Dubai Highlights 2

I have been slacking in my blogging, frankly I don’t even know what the date or day is! That I believe is the sign of truly enjoying your vacation. Anyway, I shall proceed with my second edition of highlights, you can check out the first one here.

1. Bros reception- I have a bhabi!!! it’s the most amazing feeling to have a fellow sister in the house. This was the main event for the holiday. And while the actual reception was beautiful, a lot of new people to meet, and catching up with family. Batool decided to be cranky and annoying. She sucked all leisure out of the day for me, and I hardly ate or spoke to anyone. But all in all it was a fine evening, celebrating my brother and his wife! Here’s a pic of the couple with my younger brother, Batool and of course me.


2. The beach-  Batool had mistaken Dubai for the beach, she has talked about it in the past two years and was under the impression that we were heading right there after landing! We had great fun, and she enjoyed a lot too, the grandparents were all there to share the beach experience with her.

IMG_0988 IMG_0966

IMG_1001 IMG_1000

3. Dubai Mall Aquariam and under water zoo– We were lucky with this one because the great croc was on display, it had arrived recently and weighs over 750 kilos! Crazy stuff…we saw it in action as well, when it was getting fed. The under water zoo was a great experience. However I have realised that I am not a touristy person. I do not have a liking for animals, except maybe the larger species of the cat family. I took a zillion pictures, was amazed by the variety there, saw an octopus up close and personal, and I’m sure this would go down very well in Batools memories.

IMG_1078  IMG_1092

IMG_1098 IMG_1046

IMG_1156   IMG_1199

4. Global village- Well this was a family thing through and through. I remember when I was in school we used to go to global village mainly for the rides. That was it, insane rides and I was never the scared one. But this time I skipped it off completely, why? Well, as a mom you become too cautious, you don’t want anything to happen to you, because that would mean a lot of negative things happening to your child. Safety trumps adrenaline. We didn’t take many pics here.

5. Qanat Al Qasbah boat ride– I liked this, it’s my kinda thing for a vacation. Any form of chilling. Speaking of chilling, it was cold and the elder bro (at his best) suggested we we have mini melts. I am down for experience this trip and the last time I had mini melts was when I was in school….

IMG_1271 IMG_1303

IMG_1279 IMG_1269

We the young gang sat in the Eye of the Emirates (giant wheel) after the boat ride. This was the safest and yet adventurous thing. I haven’t sat in a giant wheel in ages.

IMG_1310 IMG_1311

and the view from the eye….

IMG_1313  IMG_1312

That’s about it for the second edition of highlights…..Will do another one soon…Have to post up a haul too…..