Blog Train: My Parenting Mantra- Mindfully dealing with the best

This is my first time being part of a blog train. The topic is ‘My parenting Mantra’. All the mommies part of this blog train speak from their personal experience. There’s quite a variety here; new moms, moms to be, moms for years, traveling moms, the whole nine yards! Learnt a lot from them and looking forward the rest of the posts from this train. ClickΒ here to check out all the lovely mommies part of this blog train!

Big thank you to Udita, blogger of WithloveZuzu for introducing me, check out her contribution to the blog train here….So let’s get started with my parenting mantra….

No matter how painful the pregnancy or delivery was, popping a baby out either by pushing or by having your tummy cut open is a walk in the park compared to the lifelong commitment to parenting. I realized this only after having a child. Becoming a parent is easy, parenting is not. Through experience, I have been able to conclude that it all boils down to what you want your child to become. Because parenting inevitably will be the basis of your childs personality.

I had an ‘aha’ moment one day trying to reason with my daughter and that was it. That insightful moment, between losing my temper and trying to be as adult, thousands of thoughts ran through my head and one thought struck hard. She (like every child) is the best of Gods creations. Which means she has the potential to be the best version a human being can be, and I need to respect that. And I need to respect her.That thought instantly calmed me down, this phase is just temporary I told myself.


It is easy for us to think that our children aren’t “capable” and end up doing everything for them, we think of them as “helpless” and make excuses for them, we regard their intellect to be “restricted” and try to make decisions for them…You can add a zillion things to this thought and effect list! But the fact will always remain that the more we liberate them, the better they will be.

Respect is the basis of all relationships, be it with an adult or minor. And children deserve even more respect because they’ve committed lesser sins than you have, and each day are becoming exactly what YOU as a parent are molding them into becoming. Sounds rather scary, but being an adult isn’t all candy and cupcakes now is it?!

When a child knows that he is respected and has a place in the household, he/she will learn to think, empathise and listen to the parents. As human beings we are wired to want respect, it is what separates us from animals and other beings. We have the capacity to voice our needs and the scope to change ourselves according to lifes circumstances.We most definitely can reason with a child, instead of punishing him/her. We can explain to them what’s happening instead of wrongly assuming they won’t understand. Every concept in the world can be explained to a child, in a milder form, with a sweeter tone and patience πŸ™‚

While parenting; I try to remain mindful that this little being might be acting unreasonable but it’s temporary. the tantrum is to understand their boundaries, the attitude is an observation of surroundings, every behaviour links back to them wanting to live up to the best of creations of God. What we feed to them, they become. And being the adult versions of the best creations of God, we need to take responsibility of our poor decisions and be strong enough to accept them in front of our kids (no matter their age).

I am grateful for being born a human, and I would want my children to not just feel that way themselves when they grow up, but also make the people around them feel thankful for it. Our end goals should be to give to the society few good humans, that make life hopeful and worth living. Just do our part. The worst human is the one akin to an animal isn’t it?

I shall stop my rambling here and introduce to you Veena the one and only ‘reading Momster‘, looking forward to gaining insight into her parenting mantra. Comment, share, like and spread the love πŸ™‚

25 Facts about me

The last time I did the 25 facts about me post it was July 2013! So I thought of doing it again…Let’s get started:

1. I am border line obsessed with the “colour” white.

2. Big fan of Gordon Ramsay. His passion and drive is inspiring. Read his autobiography too and highly recommend it.

3. I don’t like wearing slippers/sandals outside the house. I prefer shoes.

4.My daughter is partially sighted

5. Money doesn’t motivate me to perform better at work

6. I don’t have the patience to watch a movie that is more than 90mins long. It would have to be gripping, and super interesting. I can’t stand Bollywood movies.

7. I do not like and never will spend precious hours of my life watching Sci-fi movies.

8. I have found new love in board games, and games in general provided there is some level of intellectual stimulation involved.

9.My favourite perfume is Echo by Davidoff, it’s an ultimate mood lifter for me, and I sometimes just spritz it only for that purpose.

10. I like long quiet drives, but don’t know how to drive

11. In my ideal world I would never work, I prefer studying and doing volunteer work and being a homemaker.

12. I enjoy going on walks

13. Mirinda is my favourite soft drink and Maltesers are my favourite candy

14.I am an extrovert who likes to have a lot of friends. I avoid extended family.

15. I hate Hyderabad. The people in Hyderabad have sick, low IQ, conformist, hypocritical mentalities

16. I have forgotten how to swim and want to learn it.

17. I can spend hours watching beauty related youtube videos

18. I have finally started fitting into Medium sized clothes, weigh 63 kilos, and want to hit my 55kilo target by end the of 2015.

19. I don’t understand the logic behind celebrating birthdays.

20. I prefer writing in black ink.

21. I am extremely moody, and that pisses me off too, which makes me even more moody πŸ˜‰

22. I watched all 15 seasons of ER back to back

23. I believe that people without a religion can’t be humans to their potential and humans who can’t be humans shouldn’t call themselves as being part of any religion.

24. I have developed very low tolerance to BS since Feb 2015.

25. I describe myself as a life-long learner, and one man army.