Life update!

So it’s been long and I have to give you guys a life update. I haven’t been active on my blog but definitely enjoying the social media. Where have I been you ask? Well I went to Dubai for a much needed break, and enjoyed my time with the siblings. They hadn’t met baby Abbas so that was great. He was totally pampered and enjoyed his stay. It’s too bad that he won’t remember any of it, but I took LOADS of pics for memories!



Since I have been back, I have been running around the court to sort out my daughters custody case. And by the grace of Allah and the many prayers of every justice loving person in the world I won in Sept! It’s only a matter of time that she’s reunited with her mother .

My holiday gave me a lot of perspective on things, got to spend some alone time and made note of how I want my life to be. We don’t realise how much we throw some things very dear to us at the back, just because we have become moms. Motherhood doesn’t have to takeover you or your life. If we loose our identities as individuals we will never be a fulfilled parent and role model four our children. Our kids need to learn how to be centered from us.

I have never looked forward to an end of an year before in my life. Right now all I can think of; is how to make 2018 and the following years the best years of my life. I guess with age and experience we learn to take certain things as they come, be patient in some scenarios and fight like a lion in others. I guess that’s what wisdom is all about. I am trying my best to keep motivated, and surround myself by people and media that helps me achieve my goals.

Vacation and all that comes with the mindset

I am all for vacations in life. Married women tend to have a whole another situation when it comes to vacations, especially moms. I have noticed a lot of moms just get too caught up in their routine lives and aren’t able to plan a vacation. For many who live away from their family, their holiday is all about meeting their family than actually exploring the world. It’s almost like a choice you have to make, between family and your lifes goals. We all are not able to take vacations whenever we wish, finance being one of the major reason. With a family to book tickets, and plan an itinerary around, you need a lot more of it!

What I have learned is that “me time” can serve as good mini break while life takes over. We need that time not just to pamper ourselves, but to be able to think about us, and where we are and where we are headed. I often times find life to be moving way too fast to be able to even breath. Especially with a baby around, it gets even more tough, add to that your everyday responsibilities and you’re one lost soul. I have observed that since becoming a mother I very easily put everything that has to do with me to the side. The attitude is ‘Will do it later, after the baby is xyz old…’ It’s like a bottomless list of priorities and whatever has to do with me gets lost in the bottomless pit. Sad isn’t it. Take a moment and think, you too may have thrown some of your lifes goals in that pit!

Thing is no one trains you how to live your life with periodic vacations. No one prepares you for things, mentally, physically, emotionally or even spiritually. I do believe if the moms of my mothers generation were more insightful, thoughtful, or simply vocal, we would be prepared for a lot of what we experience as surprises. Not to blame anyone, I am being realistic, and hence talking about it myself. There will be plenty people ready to make you feel guilty for taking a break, some don’t understand the concept of ‘me time’, and as a mom you are so aware of the incredible list of tasks that you feel bad to skip some to take time out for yourself.

I used to wonder what people get from a ‘weekend getaway’ but now I understand, that few hours away from routine helps a lot. The world isn’t how it used to be before, cycling for hours to school/work, walking to your cousins place, getting together on weekends for a tea, writing letters, and waiting patiently for responses. We live is a world that is too fast paced. We ourselves aren’t ready for what we have created, we do not have the coping mechanisms for our inventions and innovations. So what do we do? We vacay as much as possible, however possible and try to maintain our sanity to get through life 🙂

Travel tips with babies by Himalaya Baby Care

One of the most anxiety filled experiences for moms can be traveling with a baby. Himalaya Baby Care shares six steps that can create fuss-free memories with the little one.

Step 1: Getting your place
This is step one of a happy journey. Choose seats that afford you privacy for feeding and also offer space to keep all your baby gear. Inform your airline in advance for special accommodations such as bulk head seat assignments, on board baby bassinets and infant lap belts.

Step 2: Putting things together
Organize all baby items such as clothes, accessories, medicines, toys and snacks separately in sealed pouches or plastic bags to ensure easy, quick access. Keep all of these sealed packets in one large backpack. This way, your hands are free to hold baby, and you can locate things quickly. Keeping all travel-related documents together ensures quick access.

Step 3: Packing it all up
Of course, you know the lighter the better! “How light?” you ask. A stroller, large backpack and small shoulder bag should accommodate your and baby’s belongings for the flight. Ensure that all bags and boxes close completely to prevent any accidental and embarrassing spills and leaks.

Step 4: To wear or not to wear
It is wise to wear baby in a harness or a carrier while travelling. This not only reduces the chances of disturbing baby if he/she is sleeping but also keeps your hands free. Nothing is more frustrating than having to wake a sleeping baby for a security inspection. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows mothers who wear their babies in carriers to go through airport security without removing baby from the harness.

Step 5: Toys and ploys
All the stimulation experienced during travel can stress baby. Therefore, it helps to mix up the new and the old. Carry the chewed up soft toy and the new book. Keep baby relaxed with his/her favorite blanket, book, or toy. Walk around the aisle on-board so that baby is not bored sitting in one place for too long. Anything new will keep baby distracted, and familiar objects will keep him/her relaxed.

Step 6: Tuning in and tuning out
Baby is bound to feel some discomfort while traveling. Try your best to comfort him/her. When someone offers help or suggestions, use your discretion.

Be prepared, but also be flexible. Don’t get hassled about things not going as planned. Expect the unexpected and stay calm. Keep smiling and have a happy journey!

Do you find the above steps helpful? Leave your travel secrets in the comments below and share the love….

Grey Nails

I had left all of my nail polish stash in Dubai, and as it happens with time, you forget what all you owned. So I tried a couple of swatches and decided to go the grey direction. I also experimented with a matte top coat. LOVED the outcome. Here are pics


After the matte top coat:

IMG-20150429-WA0007 IMG-20150429-WA0009

The nail polish :Flormar shade 417 Steel Gray

Matte top coat: Konad

FYI: In Dubai you can find Flormar in their stand alone store at Madina Mall or at Hyperpanda at DFC.

This is a cool grey has more of a bluish tint to it, which I really enjoyed, it gave the nails a happy look as apposed to a darker depressing feel that grey would generally give.

What’s been your colour choice lately?

Dubai Highlights 2

I have been slacking in my blogging, frankly I don’t even know what the date or day is! That I believe is the sign of truly enjoying your vacation. Anyway, I shall proceed with my second edition of highlights, you can check out the first one here.

1. Bros reception- I have a bhabi!!! it’s the most amazing feeling to have a fellow sister in the house. This was the main event for the holiday. And while the actual reception was beautiful, a lot of new people to meet, and catching up with family. Batool decided to be cranky and annoying. She sucked all leisure out of the day for me, and I hardly ate or spoke to anyone. But all in all it was a fine evening, celebrating my brother and his wife! Here’s a pic of the couple with my younger brother, Batool and of course me.


2. The beach-  Batool had mistaken Dubai for the beach, she has talked about it in the past two years and was under the impression that we were heading right there after landing! We had great fun, and she enjoyed a lot too, the grandparents were all there to share the beach experience with her.

IMG_0988 IMG_0966

IMG_1001 IMG_1000

3. Dubai Mall Aquariam and under water zoo– We were lucky with this one because the great croc was on display, it had arrived recently and weighs over 750 kilos! Crazy stuff…we saw it in action as well, when it was getting fed. The under water zoo was a great experience. However I have realised that I am not a touristy person. I do not have a liking for animals, except maybe the larger species of the cat family. I took a zillion pictures, was amazed by the variety there, saw an octopus up close and personal, and I’m sure this would go down very well in Batools memories.

IMG_1078  IMG_1092

IMG_1098 IMG_1046

IMG_1156   IMG_1199

4. Global village- Well this was a family thing through and through. I remember when I was in school we used to go to global village mainly for the rides. That was it, insane rides and I was never the scared one. But this time I skipped it off completely, why? Well, as a mom you become too cautious, you don’t want anything to happen to you, because that would mean a lot of negative things happening to your child. Safety trumps adrenaline. We didn’t take many pics here.

5. Qanat Al Qasbah boat ride– I liked this, it’s my kinda thing for a vacation. Any form of chilling. Speaking of chilling, it was cold and the elder bro (at his best) suggested we we have mini melts. I am down for experience this trip and the last time I had mini melts was when I was in school….

IMG_1271 IMG_1303

IMG_1279 IMG_1269

We the young gang sat in the Eye of the Emirates (giant wheel) after the boat ride. This was the safest and yet adventurous thing. I haven’t sat in a giant wheel in ages.

IMG_1310 IMG_1311

and the view from the eye….

IMG_1313  IMG_1312

That’s about it for the second edition of highlights…..Will do another one soon…Have to post up a haul too…..