Beauty Rave: Chambor Glitzy Gloss

This has been my latest beauty purchase, and I am loving this gloss.  I’m trying to introduce myself to nude lips, and this is closest I have dared to go. Also it’s not that easy to find nude shades in Hyderabad. If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments box below.


Getting back to the gloss, I love that it’s opaque, gives good colour, lasts pretty long too. What I love the most about it is the fact that its rich and nourishing. Doesn’t leave my lips crying for moisture, and feels very creamy and soft on the lips.

Here’s the swatch, they don’t have name for this, its numbered 661. It’s from their ‘glitzy gloss intense’ line.



Notice there are no glitter specks just great shine and intense colour in just one swatch. I like that you get this gloss in it’s box, usually here in you’ll just get a sealed pack, I mean when you are paying Rs.650 might as well feel like you bought something new.

This is what’s promised on the packaging:

-Super shine gloss with intense colour to brighten up your lips.

-Lucious, moisturising, restores suppleness.

-Non-sticky, super gliding.

-Adherant and Long lasting.

-Anti oxidant, Anti Aging- with sunscreen.

I agree with everything on the packaging, however I don’t know how the anti-aging bit can be tested, with time I guess? Lets face it we will use other brands of lipglosses too in our life, so I guess there’s no way to tell!

I am looking for a lipstsick that’s of the same colour, and see how it looks without the shine as a matte tint on the lips. Will definitely be trying out more lip-glosses from this line for sure!.

What’s you present mommy lip-gloss love?

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