Be yourself, that's all that's expected of you

We can be our own worst enemies sometimes, actually most of the time. Second guessing, procrastinating, wasting time, thinking too less of ourselves, we have all done these and more. These verbs, they stop us, they are what come in our way, it’s not the people, their thoughts and their actions it’s us. We need to understand the power within ourselves, we need to acquaint ourselves with our potential, we need to take an oath to fulfill our purpose and be ourselves. It’s all that’s expected from us!

I was listening to this small clip from the lecture ‘Freeing the butterfly within pt.2’ by Khaleel Jaffer. He is great by the way, especially if you’re into philosophy and psychology, mixed with spirituality along the lines of the core of our being, his lectures provide great comfort.

I have heard the original lecture, and was reminded of the quote of Imam Ali (as) that he mentions here, that quote left me in a state of awe. Truly, I was familiar with this beautiful saying by the first Imam (as), and I am just reminded of how much we take for granted simple words, that give us to much peace, so much power. I am a fan of empowering words, liberating speeches, and this quote is a confirmation of never feeling small, never feeling weak, or helpless, because no one has power over the affairs of the world except Allah swt.

imam ali quote

It’s the world- becoming busy with the duties and responsibilities of the world that makes us forget such important, such significant, such impactful things. We are becoming slaves of the tensions of the world, the worries that come from people. People! How do we give them so much power over us when Allah swt has power over everything?

As adults if we are in constant remembrance of not just our creator but also the power He has bestowed within us we will never feel insignificant. Our weaknesses stem from our own forgetfulness, and this is how we become our own red signal. We have everything we need, we have the best examples of followers, the best stories of Prophets and their struggles, we have books filled with a plethora of duas for all our issues, what are we afraid of? What are we feeling so tiny about?

I had come across a whatsapp display pic that I immediately saved. Shared it with a friend…shared the love.


A simple fact can bring about so much peace, we need to remind ourselves of these facts so much that they become part of our soul, we need not be reminded of them. We need to believe in them, in-order for them to truly show their effect. Mindfulness of the one who is Al-Wudud (The loving one), to understand His mercy, His love, we don’t need to live a disheartened life, He doesn’t want that for us, just as we don’t want it for our children. He created us all. And in times of trial, when everything seems hopeless, just do dua. Remind ourselves of one fact by The Holy Prophet pbuh;

“Dua is the weapon of the believer and the pillar of faith, and the light of the heavens and the earth”


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