A week in Batools lunch bag 3

Can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since school began. Lets get started shall we?

Monday: The poor thing stayed home due to cold and fever.

Tuesday: I took a tip from her class teacher and first stir fried two tomatoes and then made the regular noodles. It tastes different, and also makes the noodles more saucy. (Sunfeast Yippee)


Wednesday: Okra and roti


Thursday: Pasta (Sunfeast Yippee tri-colour pasta in creamy corn)


Friday: Pineapple Jam sandwich (Kissan Jam). This was a major flop, never giving pineapple jam again!


I hit the grocery and got some new items to test out for her lunch next week. Stay tuned for more. Leave ideas below if you have any.



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