A week in Batools Lunch bag 1

This will be a weekly rundown of what the little one took to school. Share ideas in the comments below of what your kid likes.

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Monday: Pasta (Maggi Pazzta Mushroom penne) Left the pasta sauce a little runny so that it doesn’t dry up by the times it’s lunch, also drizzled a few drops of oil for the same purpose.


Tuesday: Okra and rice (quick fried okra with tomatoes, mixed with rice)


Wednesday: Noodles (Sunfeast yippe classic Masala)


Thursday: Potato smilies (Sunfeast) and scrambled eggs


Friday: Potato smilies and cheese sandwich


Here you can notice I tried to be creative by cutting the sandwich into shapes with a cookie cutter, but it didn’t turn out as I wanted, if you look closely beside the smilies are a heart, triangle and a star. Also in-spite of the ketchup the sandwiches were too dry, thinking of adding a thin slice of tomato or cucumber next time. Better soggy than dry for these kids.


That’s the week, it went well, both she and I are looking forward to a year of fun and learning. Aim for next week is to start giving a fruit of vegetable to eat every day, lets see how that goes. Leave suggestions below.


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