2016 is about priorities

It’s a new year, a chance for us to make new amends, change our point of you, just feel like some mercy is on you. For me this year is about prioritising and being reasonable. As a parent is is especially difficult to put yourself anywhere in the top 10priority list. It is a fact. We always put the needs of everyone else ahead of our own.

This is something that has been engraved in our minds and heart, to the point where we lose our own identity as soon as we give birth. It’s difficult to snap out of this zone. It is hence very important to just make a list of what you want for yourself this year, for your child/family. Where do you want yourself to be in the end of 2016. Bottom line is, if you’re happy, everyone around you will by default be happy.

For me this is the direction, no matter anyone says, all I will focus on is my priorities, and focus all my energies into that. Moving forward is crucial, no matter how many years it would take for you to attain your end goals.

What are your priorities?



One thought on “2016 is about priorities

  1. Yasmin says:

    Moving forward is crucial-quite agree with it.Setting priorities from inside to outside. Starting with your inner self,then your family,then friends and then society.Organize from the soul and remove all clutter from your life.Most importantly, don’t forget yourself. A happy you means that strong engine that takes along with it everything and everyone towards a happy and contended life.

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